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Nutrition Counseling in Fairfield

More Than Just Fuel

Dr. Vinny meeting with patientThe food you eat is more than just calories. Like everything else, it’s also energy – and every food has its own energetic qualities that can help restore balance and strengthen the body. We help you choose specific foods to support your unique situation and healing needs. When you’re more aware of your choices, you can begin to see food as an ally in your quest for lifelong wellness. And when you’re more sound nutritionally, your body responds better to everything life throws at you.

Not a Diet

Dr. Vinny’s goal is to help change your relationship with food. For instance, most of us gulp our food. Taking time to chew it properly is a simple change that makes a profound difference in your health. Based on your goals and what your body tells him, Dr. Vinny will make food suggestions to augment the healthy changes you’re making. He may suggest supplements or Chinese herbs (in tablet form), which also have their own energetic ‘signature’ and can help support and speed the healing process.

Woman pouring out pills

It’s Your Decision

Of course, it’s your decision – you’re not required to take supplements or herbs! We just find patients who do tend to get deeper, longer-lasting results. We offer the following vitamin and herbal supplements:

  • Standard Process
  • Systemic Formulas
  • Pure Encapsulations

Dr. Vinny’s approach is always based on your specific needs and goals: whether you want dietary support for a short time to help overcome a current condition, or a nutrition change for the rest of your life, he is happy to help. He knows food and weight issues can be complicated by all sorts of outside influences, so his goal is to provide you the information you need to achieve your goals and maintain your health.

Get Started Today

Nutrition counseling isn’t a separate service; it’s part of the overall treatment we provide at New Jersey Total Health. However, we can bill insurance for it separately on request. Contact us today to find out how the right food can help you become healthier!

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