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Dr. Caruso in the Media

Bustle (5/23/18)

7 Things Your Feet Reveal About Your Health, According To Eastern Medicine

Using a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, Dr. Caruso talks about how the well-being of your feet affects your entire body.

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Healthline (11/17)

Could This Popular, Bitter Drink Have Healing Powers?

Dr. Caruso explains the medicinal benefits of beer.

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Verily (11/14/17)

Cutting Through the Hype: The Buzz About Local Bee Pollen

Dr. Caruso shares facts about the health benefits that are provided by bee pollen, especially if it’s local.

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Huffington Post (10/13/17)

The Health Benefits Of Cinnamon: 8 Reasons You Should Warm Up To The Spice

Dr. Caruso explains how cinnamon can help your digestion.

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5 natural cures for your N.J. St. Patrick’s Day hangover

Your go-to hangover cure might involve some coffee, a pain pill and maybe even a greasy meal.
Perhaps there’s a more natural and beneficial way to heal what ails you after taking in all that ale — and beer, and liquor, and wine — this St. Patrick’s Day.

Vincent Caruso Jr., a chiropractor and practitioner of Chinese medicine based in Fairfield, suggests several tried-and-true ancient remedies. Growing up with his family’s produce business in Newark, Caruso remembers his grandfather swearing by natural salves like dandelion tea.

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Entrepreneur Podcast Network (3/24/15)

Dr. Caruso speaks with Entrepreneur Podcast Network host Eric Dye about his unique combination of chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including how Dr. Caruso’s approach is different from the Western medicine that most of us are familiar with…

WCBS Newsradio 880 (2/26/15)

Dr. Caruso speaks with Pat Farnack, host of the WCBS-AM Health and Well Being Report.

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