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New Patients at New Jersey Total Health

We do things differently here at New Jersey Total Health – and that’s what makes us better! Before you come in for your first appointment, we will explain the process, as well as the costs, so there are no surprises. We believe in honesty, and there will never be any ‘hidden fees.’ You can even email or fax us your insurance information ahead of time, and we will verify your coverage for you.

We Listen to You – And Your Body

When you arrive, either our receptionist or Dr. Vinny will greet you. You’ll fill out some paperwork, and then you’ll see Dr. Vinny. Based on your answers on the intake form, as well as his observations and intuition about how you walk, talk, move, and sit, he will ask you some questions to better understand your primary health goals. Then he’ll examine you to create a specific, holistic treatment plan to remove obstructions, clear interferences, improve energy flow and restore balance so your body can begin healing itself.

Your first visit will usually be about an hour, but the time is dictated by what your body needs and which techniques it’s ‘asking for.’ Our treatments are not just chiropractic adjustments but can also include cupping, Tui na (acupressure), Qigong, infrared, electric stim, breathing exercises, or nutritional counseling, depending on your needs and goals.

Follow up visits typically take between 5 and 30 minutes – an effective treatment doesn’t necessarily have to take a long time! Dr. Vinny will always assess your current condition and treat you accordingly, so you’re never wasting time on treatment you don’t need.

Get Started Today

There’s no need to continue suffering – we would love to help! We are an out of network insurance provider and a nonparticipating Medicare provider, and we will verify and process your insurance for you. You may pay in cash or by check (no credit card payments at this time), and we are open until 7 p.m. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

New Patients at New Jersey Total Health | (973) 227-2170