“I have been a patient of Dr. Caruso’s for quite some time. I find a chiropractic visit with him to be a unique experience that benefits me both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend Dr. Caruso!”

- Geraldine McCarthy

“Since I started my treatment, I have felt more energy, my skin appears brighter, my muscles don’t hurt, all around wellness I would say is excellent, I don’t go to sleep early anymore, and I’m not sluggish when I wake up. The herbs I have taken all create a positive energy and do what they were meant to do. I maintain my energy level all day and don’t need any afternoon caffeine to pick me up. I believe that everyone should do this form of chiropractic treatment.”

- Gina Naso

“Dr. Caruso is undoubtedly an aficionado in his profession. His knowledge & application of Chinese medicine are outstanding. I have had only positive results from my visits along with his caring demeanor. His consistent commitment to me and my well being truly demonstrates his total integrity in all that he does.”

- Dorothy Alcorn

“Dr. Caruso gives a unique Chiropractic treatment by combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Traditional Chiropractic Methods. He has helped me with my digestive problems with a combination of herbs and hands on treatment. I have had only positive results and feel energized when I leave his office.”

- Lucia DeChino
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